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URL Vice-rector Carlo Gallucci gave the opening keynote speech for the Meeting of Directors General of Higher Education of the EU Council

Carlo Gallucci, Vice-rector for International Relations and Students of Ramon Llull University (URL), a member university of ENGAGE.EU, gave the keynote speech at the Meeting of Directors General of Higher Education (DGHE) that took place from December 13 to 15 in Madrid. This event, celebrated under the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council, gathered director figures from universities from all of Europe with the intention of discussing strategies to face the emerging and future challenges of higher education.

These include moving towards the creation of joint European degrees, building a framework for attractive and sustainable careers in the higher education, ensuring the means to create a European Quality Assurance and Recognition System, and the continual efforts to create system of effective European higher education cooperation, with an emphasis on the European Universities Initiative and the next Erasmus+ programme.

In his keynote speech, Gallucci defended the importance of working on these aspects, and more, of policy and collaboration to strengthen and enhance higher education in Europe, with its potential beneficial effects on culture, research, innovation, the economy, responsible citizenship, and progress and quality of life in general. He exhorted the merits of transnational European collaboration in higher education, citing the European Universities Initiative -and, as a member, ENGAGE.EU in particular- as a way of successfully facing the future challenges both in education and society at large. “Our main goal” said Gallucci “should not only be to train the best professionals in the world, but, above all, the best professionals for the world”.