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Academics and Researchers

ENGAGE.EU offers interesting events, networks and exchange options for academics and researchers. We facilitate collaboration and networking among researchers of our nine partner institutions via our research platform. By working together in the ENGAGE.EU networks for societal change we transform our engagement in research and innovation. We map and analyze societal change drivers, pool, share and link data resources. We push the boundaries of research and innovation by joining forces with actors from industry, non-profit organizations and the public sector, aiming for durable impact.

Upcoming events

On Tuesday the 18th of April, we will celebrate the launch of the community together with you. We will officially open the collaboration platform. We welcome you to celebrate with us. Please join us at an online meeting from 15.00-16.00. You can sign-up for the event on the community platform or via an e-mail to We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our launch event! 

Universite Toulouse Capitole 1 invites PhD researchers for a workshop on three pressing societal challenges: health and wellbeing, social and digital eco-systems and social and organizational justice.

Read more here.

Colonialism is historically recognised as the practice of subjugation of people and appropriation of land put in place by European nations on the other continents between the XV and XX centuries. But it is much more than this. What are the multiple relations between colonialism, business and human rights? The symposium aims at analysing this question from a 360-degree angle. We invite scholars from all social sciences and any country to present their different perspectives on this pressing question.

Read more here.

This event is an opportunity to meet, exchange views, and learn from others and experts about data visualization for theory building, storytelling, and data analysis in qualitative research. The aim of the day is to offer a common platform for network/community building and gaining feedback. More information and registration via Eventbrite.

The purpose of this course is to introduce PhD-students to key theories and empirical findings regarding performance differences from entrepreneurship. It is located at the intersection of the entrepreneurship and strategy literatures.

Read more and apply here.

The CLEEN network organises an annual conference for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from economics and law to present their work on competition law, economics, and policy and receive feedback from senior faculty members. Find more information here and send in your papers before 28 February.

At the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank, you can exchange your ideas with new research groups, get together with long-standing colleagues, and learn from leading experts from industry, politics, and academia. This forum allows you to completely focus on a research project – away from everyday business. The topic of this Think Tank is: Gender Equality and will be organized and hosted by Universite Toulouse Capitole 1.

Read more here.

BEEER provides a venue for scholars and researchers to present their research and exchange ideas within

the area of energy, environment, climate change and resources. The conference is held over two days and includes

presentation by keynote speaker and delegates. Submission deadline: If you would like to make a presentation, please send paper, draft, or abstract by: Sunday 30 April to Registration deadline: Friday 19 May (NOK 600). You can register here.

Conference on ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth: Current Issues and Advances Towards SDG8’

* Enhancing productivity through technological advance & innovations, including a focus on high value added sectors

* Policies and support for providing decent work conditions; Protection of rights, promotion of safe work environment for all

* Stimulating entrepreneurship and innovations, promoting establishment and growth of SMEs

* Policies towards development of sustainable tourism: generating jobs, supporting the local culture & products

* Resource efficiency, sustainable economic growth, green economy, etc.

Read the report on the first conference held last year.

Past events

Integrating economics, engineering, mathematics and optimization to address issues arising in the energy markets of today and the future. With international speakers and daily ski-breaks. Find more information and registration on Winter School 2023 – NTNU

The PhD students will learn and systemize skills in programming required for analytics gently covering the R-fundamentals with a very smooth and comprehensive transition to the methods required for research that are easy and fast to master. Read more and apply here.

Dr Fariba Darabi, Senior Lecturer in International Business joins us to talk about single/multiple organisation access, trust, and research participation. Please sign up via form here

Agnes Klarsfeld joins us to discuss recommended methods for expanding the reach of research past the area of academia. Please sign up via form here.

Economics research seminar hosted by WU on “Winners and losers of the 2015 Swiss exchange rate shock: Unveiling heterogeneous worker responses”. Please sign up via e-mail (

Economics research seminar hosted by WU on “Automation and Low-skill Labor”.

Cross-cultural research is a booming field for academics and practitioners alike. As our knowledge expands, we are increasingly aware of the field’s complexity and the need for researchers to appreciate the numerous controversies that characterize it. In four online sessions, Hofstede Insights and Tilburg University dived into cross-cultural analysis in psychology as well as on the level of societies.

The webinar was on the topic of SDG16 (peace and justice) related to funding opportunities. With presentations from the Grant Desk and first-hand experiences on applying for grants.

During the annual ENGAGE.EU event we talked about the research community and offered an exclusive preview of the online community platform.

In this online seminar, hosted by Luiss University, we discussed the impact of privacy violation on society, and the challenges posed by digital markets. There were presentations by Alex De Corniere (UT1 Toulouse) and Inge Graef (Tilburg University) followed by a panel discussion between Alex De Corniere, Inge Graef and Vikoria Robertson (WU Vienna), moderated by Martin Peitz (University of Mannheim).

In this online session, we gave an exclusive preview of the online community platform that we are building for the ENGAGE.EU research community.

At the first ENGAGE.EU Think Tank, researchers exchanged ideas, got together with long-standing colleagues, and learned from leading experts from industry, politics, and academia. The topic of this Think Tank was: The Role of Digitalisation for Sustainable Development and its Impact on European Business, Economics and Societies. Learn more here.

The University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria hosted the  First ENGAGE.EU Conference for Early-Stage Researchers & Young Scholars.

The Zero Hunger Lab of Tilburg University aims to find solutions to the world hunger problem. Since 2011, a team of over 20 researchers and students have worked together with external stakeholders, such as the World Food Programme, the Dutch Foodbanks and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands, on research projects and knowledge building in this multidisciplinary lab. The work is mainly based on the use of data science to help ensure global food and nutrition security.

Opportunities for Academics & Researchers

The ENGAGE.EU community is continuously in development and currently offers the following opportunities:

ENGAGE.EU Research community platform

We offer an online platform for the research community. Would you like to be involved? Please, register on the platform and stay updated on interesting research opportunities.

ENGAGE.EU Think Tank

At the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank, you can exchange your ideas with new research groups, get together with long-standing colleagues, and learn from leading experts from industry, politics, and academia.

ENGAGE.EU Grant Desk

The ENGAGE.EU’s Grant Desk is a virtual knowledge and expertise centre that connects the grant support teams in our partner universities. In this page, you will find external funding opportunities for researchers.

ENGAGE.EU Conference

The major goal of the Conference is to bring together early-stage researchers and young scholars affiliated to ENGAGE.EU partner institutions e.g. junior faculty members, post-docs, and PhD students.

Contact us

Do you have an idea, workshop, event or anything else that you think is useful for the ENGAGE.EU community? Contact us at: and we’ll discuss all possibilities to become part of this upcoming research community.