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#ENGAGEVoices: Tessa Chambon, TiU

Tessa Chambon is the face of episode 2 of #ENGAGEvoices. She shared her thoughts on the ENGAGE.EU project and her participation in it. Tessa is the vice-chairman of the Board of Learners. Additionally, she works as a student representative in the University Council of Tilburg University and is also the vice-chairman of Student Party SAM. She studies the major Cognitive Neuroscience within Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University.

Here is Tessa Chambon’s full quote: 

Working with so many passionate people who strive to keep learning, to stay connected and to make an impact on society motivates me every day. We are ambitious and curious in nature. By connecting passionate learners and daring to take on major societal challenges we build towards a better future. Through our approach we are able to go beyond borders literally and figuratively.