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The ENGAGE.EU Hot-Desk Initiative

The ENGAGE.EU Hot-Desk Initiative aims to foster the collaboration between the Entrepreneurship activities of the ENGAGE.EU Universities.

It can be :

  • Share best practices on university incubation among staff
  • Enable startups or scaleups from different universities to internationalise their operations across Europe

Staff Exchanges

Each university, preferably through its incubator, pledges to provide a “hot desk” for members of staff from other universities to work from for up to 6 weeks at a time. During these exchanges, the incoming staff will learn about the host incubator, and share their own experience from their home university, becoming ambassadors for the start-ups at their home institution. They will develop knowledge of the local ecosystem and start-ups of the host institution, for the benefit of the start-ups back home. This will serve to share best practices, increase the knowledge of the incubator staff, and enhance or newly create incubation services at each university.

Startup Exchanges

The incubators further open up their “hot desk” to entrepreneurs from other universities wishing to discover the local ecosystem or host country for the purpose of internationalizing their start-up and accessing new markets. This will provide an avenue for ENGAGE.EU start-ups to scale more quickly, to access additional markets and countries with the appropriate support, to seek further funding opportunities and learn from the local incubator community.

Contact Details

For enquiries or to apply for a hot-desk exchange, the following contact points are available in each university:



Contact Point



Hensinki, Finland

Markus Wartiovaara


Rome, Italy

Paola Belingheri


Bergen, Norway

Bram Timmermans

Ramon Llull

Barcelona, Spain

Susanna Ercolani

Tilburg University

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Karen Lanning

Toulouse Capitole 

Toulouse, France

Brigitte Poitevineau

University of Mannheim

Mannheim, Germany

Michael Voywode


Sofia, Bulgaria

Kostadin Kolarov

WU Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Riheb Hassan

Useful Documents

Please FIND HERE a copy of the Hot Desk Agreement document to be filled out by both hosting and visiting parties.