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Welcome to the ENGAGE.EU Staff Academy!

Enhancing the professional skills of our staff is at the core of ENGAGE.EU university. ENGAGE.EU Staff academy is an opportunity for you to access intercultural courses and new and rich experiences.

The ENGAGE.EU staff course catalog

As Staff members of ENGAGE.EU university, you have access to the staff courses of each partner. You can search for courses in the course catalog and follow the registration information there.

ENGAGE.EU Course catalog

You can also have access to national courses catalog online of each country:


Job Shadowing

As Staff members of ENGAGE.EU university, you have also the possibility to apply for Job Shadowing. During 2 days, you will work with a peer in an university partner.

For more informations, you can ask your local contact

UT1 : Jacotte FAURE (



Become a member of an ENGAGE.EU community

Our university ENGAGE.EU has communities in which each member can exchange about good practices. You can for example find a community on Hybrid pedagogy or sport events.