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Green Mobility

One of the steps students, academics, practitioners, and stakeholders can take towards a more environmentally conscious future is through Green mobility. Green mobility can be understood either as virtual mobility (or online classes), or physical mobility through “clean” means of transportation (train, bus, etc…).

ENGAGE.EU wants to support our partner universities to transform mobility activities into more environmentally friendly practices.

The steps we aim to implement can be found in our report  (downloadable here).

Furthermore, we provide you with resources on green mobility, and how to calculate greener routes to reach your destination.

Awareness is the first step!

Green Erasmus and Erasmus Goes Green provide you with very interesting information on the European initiatives of the Erasmus+ program and sustainable mobility.

You can calculate the carbon footprint of your journey HERE

Alternatives to flights

Trains and busses are a low-carbon alternative to short-haul flights. Erasmus+ programs reward these sustainable alternatives with an extra 50 euros and up to 4 days of additional individual support for your journey. Ask your international/mobility office for more information about this funding opportunity.

Your train journeys

  • To find the best routes, fares and times for rail journeys within Europe and sometimes even beyond, check out The man in seat 61
  • Get a ticket that connects 33 countries with one pass Eurail or Interrail
  • Compare prices of train and bus companies across Europe and plan your trip day and night at TrainLine and Night Trains
  • If you want to get involved in the call for free Erasmus train tickets, join the student-led initiative  Erasmus by train

Your bus or car journeys

  • If you are going to distant or remote areas, you can always try to combine transportation options and keep the impact as low as possible: Omio

Some of these search engines allow you to book your trip. However, we recommend you to compare the prices with the ones on the actual railway/bus company’s website, to ensure you get the best possible deal. Purchasing the tickets directly with the companies that run that particular route might also be a good option to safeguard your passengers’ rights – make sure you analyse this before actually booking.

Go further!

Here are some useful websites that help to become aware of the actions you can take to make your mobility more environmentally friendly: