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Project description

A more engaged research and innovation ecosystem

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics and the social sciences. Launched in 2020, ENGAGE.EU aims to equip European citizens with the skills and competences needed to address major societal challenges, such as digitalisation, climate change and sustainability, ageing societies and migration. It also aims to encourage societal engagement in the current and future state of Europe – and beyond. The EU-funded ENGAGE EU R-I project reinforces and expands the research and innovation component of the ENGAGE.EU European University, paving the way to more engaged research and innovation ecosystems at alliance level in four different fields: inno-preneurial ecosystems, talent development, data management and open science, dissemination and communication.

Project objective

The ENGAGE.EU R&I project reinforces and expands the R&I component of the ENGAGE.EU European University. The Alliance was launched in 2020 and selected for funding under ERASMUS+. Additional Horizon 2020 funding will allow the Alliance and its members to deepen the transformations needed to achieve their R&I ambitions.

Our R&I ambitions originate in business, economics, and social sciences research conducted by researchers and innovators in a continuous interplay with peers and stakeholders, addressing societal challenges, locally and internationally. Our ambitions were boosted by the European University Initiative and much inspired by the September 2020 EC Communications on a European Education Area and a European Research Area.

The current project aims to lay the foundations for more engaged and more effective research and innovation ecosystems at partner and alliance level, taking a holistic, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary perspective. We want to undertake our R&I missions in an experimental, agile, more aligned and more responsive way.

Therefore, the Alliance will develop and test a common ENGAGE.EU R&I Strategy, a rolling Thematic Challenge-based Agenda and a series of Action Plans to be executed by the individual partners and the Alliance as a whole, in cooperation with internal and external partners and stakeholders in the ENGAGE.EU R&I Ecosystems.

Action plans will cover Management and Coordination, Inno-preneurial Ecosystems, Talent Development, Data Management and Open Science, Dissemination and Communication.

Partner Universities

University of Mannheim

Luiss Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli (Luiss University)

NHH Norwegian School of Economics

Tilburg University

University of National and World Economy

Université Toulouse Capitole

WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

Project information

Grant agreement ID: 101035807
DOI: 10.3030/101035807

Publication Platform

The platform gathers the most recent publications from ENGAGE.EU partner universities and gives you easy access to publications related to societal challenges.
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Tools pushing the boundaries of Research & Innovation.
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Think Tank

At ENGAGE.EU Think Tank, exchange ideas with research groups, reconnect with colleagues, and learn from industry, politics, and academia experts.
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Data Management

The initiative is dedicated to the promotion of Open Science and the enhancement of research data management practices.
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Reports and Deliverables

Discover all publicly available reports and deliverables of the ENGAGE.EU R&I project.
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