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ENGAGE.EU Reports and Deliverables

Didactic Toolkit for Engaged Learning

The Toolkit provides the teaching staff of ENGAGE.EU with a collection of techniques that facilitate acquisition of transferable skills crucial for tackling grand societal challenges. The three main areas are critical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal competence. The toolkit offers tips how to re-think course design to embed those areas of competence in the course. For each area, teachers will find exemplary methods that they can use in the classroom. Besides, they get tips how to address climate change in their classes. General advice on planning the class and formulating learning outcomes is offered at the beginning, before diving into particular skills and methods how to teach them.

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Report on R&I structures, cultures and processes 

ENGAGE.EU aims to develop a strong fundament for conducting excellent research & innovation according to the highest ethical standards. Being partners from seven different European countries with different national preconditions, we learn from each other, exploring research & innovation structures, cultures and processes within the ENGAGE.EU alliance. In this report, we reflect on the challenges and potentials for transforming the way we conduct research & innovation by sharing experiences, collecting state of the art conditions, and discussing good practices.

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Executive Summary: ENGAGE.EU research and innovation structures, cultures and processes 

This is the executive summary to our report on research & innovation structures, cultures and processes of the ENGAGE.EU alliance.

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Report: The ENGAGE.EU Innopreneurial Mindset 

Based on a mapping of existing frameworks, we develop our own ENGAGE.EU Innopreneurship Definition and an ENGAGE.EU Innopreneurial Mindset Framework. Both serve as a theoretical basis for our actions towards creating a fostering environment for innopreneurs.

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Methodology for Societal Outreach

This document is composed of four main sections: introduction, survey analysis, proposed methodology, and conclusion. The survey analysis is divided into two subsections: a quantitative subsection and a qualitative subsection, where the commonalities and differences between the partners are analyzed. Finally, two annexes are proposed.

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Report: Green Mobility

The phrase “Green mobility” sounds like an oxymoron, as the two notions seem to be opposed at first
glance. While mobility is usually understood as a set of movements relative to human activity, it seems
at odds with today’s environmental imperatives that we are all aware of. Therefore, the notion of
green mobility invites us to consider new forms of mobility and rethink our practices at all levels and
in a sectional way.

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Report: Societal Change Drivers

The report aims to provide an overview of the coverage offered on key societal change drivers by the research activities carried out at ENGAGE.EU’s partner universities. Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the key drivers of societal change, in line with the UN and EU approach, the mapping has been accomplished by each partner on research outputs/publications (2015-2020), on research centres and on nationally and internationally funded research projects under way. The report highlights that the research activities across the ENGAGE.EU Consortium tend to converge around three major SDGs: No. 8 (decent work and economic growth); No. 3 (good health and well-being); and No. 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions). The report also shows that amongst the most important and emerging research topics are digitalization and sustainability.

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Report: Good Practice in Quality Management

The target of this report is to summarize this analysis and comparison of the quality management mechanisms as well as to map good practices concerning quality management mechanisms at members’ institutions. It also serves as a foundation for further discussion on good practices within the task group to be implemented in the Alliance.

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Report: A Set of Key Competences for ENGAGE.EU

In this report a set of key competences is proposed that ENGAGE.EU learners need in facing the societal challenges of today and the future. Different existing models of key competences are discussed and the suggested ENGAGE.EU approach for key competences follows an existing integrative reference framework for sustainability academic programs. Based on that framework seven key competences for ENGAGE.EU are described as the starting point of the ENGAGE.EU Framework for learning.

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