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About Us

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens with the set of skills and competences needed to tackle major societal challenges. These existing and new challenges, such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence, climate change, ageing societies and migration, must be tackled successfully to ensure a sustainable and positive future. ENGAGE.EU will inspire active societal engagement in the current and future state of Europe – and beyond.

The alliance will exploit the unique synergies of its members, elevating existing collaborations to a new dimension under the guidance of a joint strategy and common goals. Each member university brings its individual perspective – as shaped by its academic areas of specialisation as well as geographical and economic context – for the sake of collective value creation that surpasses the potential of single players. The alliance opens up unique opportunities to educate and inspire a new generation of citizens who will contribute to making Europe a global referent in how to tackle societal challenges.

The ENGAGE.EU European University unites nine member universities: