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For Society

With challenged-based learning we enable the interaction, collaboration and co-creation of new knowledge and solutions by researchers and learners, together with external stakeholders. We offer unique learning experiences and an inspiring cooperation that generates value for society. Learners and researchers from all alliance universities are encouraged to participate in person or remotely in our Labs and Spaces to bring in their experience and knowledge. ENGAGE.EU developed Innopreneurial Mindset as our guiding principle. We promote a cooperative and international collaboration between innopreneurials and a variety of stakeholders, such as scholars, societal organisations, business partners, governments, and NGOs.


Our Labs are thematic, challenge-based, innovative models of collaboration and co-creation for novel education of European citizens. They focus on ideation where researchers and other stakeholders identify pressing societal challenges and co-create solutions (e.g., startup ideas) together with learners. The output of the Labs is a proof of concept. Each Lab covers one or more thematic focuses. Embedded activities are the ENGAGE.EU ExpeditionsX-Labs, and Competitions.

Running Labs:

Innopreneurial Spaces

Our Spaces support the development of innovative entrepreneurial ideas based on the abovementioned innopreneurial mindset. They are a support-structure and the next step of the activities in the ENGAGE.EU Labs. In the Spaces we  move from a proof of concept to an MVP or prototype which can be a business model, business unit, policy, contract, legislation/regulation, etc. The Spaces aim at having a sustainable and inclusive impact on society through offering different tools, methodologies and processes. By having both a virtual and a physical component, openness goes together with relevancy for the local community. Embedded activities are the X-Labs or the Startup League.

Running Spaces: