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For Society

Strengthening Societal Impact through Co-Creation Labs:

ENGAGE.EU focuses on creating value through dynamic open innovation labs. These labs bring together researchers, learners, entrepreneurs, companies, and civil society, the so called knowledge creating teams, to address societal challenges. Other key features are interdisciplinary collaboration, and accessible knowledge transfer. The labs facilitate systematic exchange at the European level, connecting local labs and external partners.

The external partners are organized in regional Chapters. Within the network, the goal is to facilitate, along the lines of ENGAGE.EU, the regional collaboration as well.

Work-Integrated Learning for Lifelong Learners:

As part of the societal agenda of ENGAGE.EU, professional learning for diverse practitioners is prioritized. Whether driven by market demands or personal enrichment, lifelong learners benefit from close engagement with professionals outside their immediate context. Our consortium offers courses that address essential skills and integrate research findings into education. This approach allows learners to build micro-credentials through modular learning.