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#EngagerTestimonials 8: Sydney Greiner, UMA

Sydney Greiner is the face of #EngagerTestimonials 8. She is a student at the University of Mannheim working with the Engaged with society team. Her focus is enhancing social involvement at universities.

Check out all of Sydney’s thoughts on ENGAGE.EU:

What are your current areas of responsibility?

As a member of the Student Circle I regularly meet up with other students of our partner universities to exchange ideas and opinions on social involvement at universities and to compare our experiences. Our group has developed a framework from the students’ perspectives that can help the universities belonging to the alliance to intensify their social involvement. Our next step would be to present our findings at an education conference. By giving them an insight into our project, we hope to connect with even more people.

Which goals do you consider most important when it comes to ENGAGE.EU?

Due to their status in educational policy, universities have a huge impact on Europe’s future society. That is why, for me, it’s essential to support students with the best learning conditions possible and a more social learning environment. Our goal is to develop and implement a well-organized program for students.

What motivates you personally?

I am involved in ENGAGE.EU because every day, I witness the positive influence that social involvement has on people. So it makes me happy to be involved in a European university program that benefits students and other people all over Europe. Once our plans for improvement are in place, I’m sure that we can inspire and bring in more students to work on our projects.

What do you think ENGAGE.EU means for the University of Mannheim?

Taking part in ENGAGE.EU makes us part of an endeavor of seven universities to change the education landscape in Europe. We are laying the cornerstone for a more social, innovative, and connected Europe. ENGAGE.EU allows us to change our society actively and across cultures and to shape it for the long term.