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#EngagerTestimonials 9: Margarethe Rammerstorfer, WU Vienna

#EngagerTestimonials 9 features Prof. Dr. Margarethe Rammerstorfer, the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs at WU Vienna. She is involved in the Management and Governance work package at ENGAGE.EU.

Here are Prof. Rammerstorfer’s thoughts on our European Alliance: 

For me, ENGAGE.EU is the implementation of the European idea at university level. We open our doors, even more our windows, because what our European university – ENGAGE.EU does, is important for everyone in Europe. We educate personalities, we educate for the economy of the future and we create knowledge through our research that has relevance for the entire European economy and society. The global challenges of our time and the implications for the European economy concern every European and can only be addressed and solved in dialogue with each other, knowledge creators and knowledge seekers. This is what ENGAGE.EU is about and for.