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The fifth ENGAGE.EU Expedition took place in Bergen

The fifth edition of the ENGAGE.EU Expedition week took place in NHH Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway in the end of June. Students and lecturers from partner universities gathered to promote innovative collaboration and entrepreneurship. The topic was “Sustainability Challenge”.

Norsk klimastiftelse (a Norwegian climate foundation) presented a challenge related to sustainability and green mobility, which the students transformed into a concrete business idea by seeing it from the users’ perspective.

Professor Bram Timmermans was responsible for the academic part of the summer school, and strongly believes in the value of giving students challenges that are slightly outside their comfort zone. “We want a dynamic and interdisciplinary atmosphere that stimulates innovation”, says Bram.

By combining theory with practical tasks, students developed their entrepreneurial skills and wre enabled to contribute to sustainable development. The challenges they had to tackle were: (1) How can we make sure that the first/last mile is never travelled in a car alone?; and (2) How can we improve the traveling experience with alternative mobility solutions in Bergen, so that we reduce car traffic by 30% by the end of 2025?

The winning team: Matthäus Oberbucher from WU Vienna, Maysam Rashidi from NHH, Yu Chi Chen from Mannheim, Federico Bruzzesi from Luiss and Livia Marie Johnson from Tilburg proposed a solution project called "PEOPLE POOL"