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A Data Management Plans Online Seminar Will Take Place on November 21

Data management plans (DMP) have gained importance in research in the last few years. A DMP describes how data in a research project will be collected, processed and made available. Writing a DMP can even be mandatory in some publicly funded projects. However, it can be challenging to write a DMP for a researcher without any support from the university or research lab.

In the upcoming online workshop we will make an honest review on DMPs. We will start by introducing research data and DMPs, then we will present the tools to write a DMP, the challenges faced and the best practices for writing DMPs.

The topic will be presented by speakers Benjamin Gerrit Pfeil (NHH, Senior advisor, Office of Research Administration and Library) and Jordan Cohen (UTC, Data librarian, Department of Research Services). This seminar was organised within the ENGAGE.EU R&I project.

On Nov 21, 2023 at 10:00 you can join the meeting HERE