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Exciting News: Our COMMONING.SCIENCE Platform is Now Linked on ENGAGE.EU Official Page!

We are thrilled to share a significant milestone: our COMMONING.SCIENCE platform is now ready and officially featured on the ENGAGE.EU page. The Co-Science platform is a product of the ENGAGE.EU R&I Horizon2020 project focusing on bringing the European Universities to move from the knowledge triangle towards the knowledge square and therefore enabling their action in service to community. The platform was developed under Task 6.2 Luiss Guido Carli University in cooperation with WU and UNWE. Building on the infrastructure developed through Task 4.5 of the ENGAGE.EU ERASMUS+ project, aka the Virtual Spaces section, it introduces the Collaborative R&I and Open Urbania environments, thereby giving birth to the all-encompassing ENGAGE.EU R&I Platform for Collective Action. This platform aims at equipping diverse vulnerable communities with tools to interact, acquire knowledge, co-design activities, and embark on valuable learning experiences.

While with Virtual Spaces focus was on nurturing ENGAGE.EU inno-preneurship inside the university walls, transforming classrooms into collaborative hubs, offering a landing spot for “inno-preneurs” to engage with external stakeholders and drive innovative initiatives, with Collaborative R&I the objective is to strengthen the robustnes of the evidence and improving the theoretical, empirical, and practical quality of whatever as well as secure the first funding to generate prototypes. Finally with Open Urbania the objective is to involve real stakeholders and experiment in real life settings the propotypes developed in the two previously mentioned environments.

Join us on this journey of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and co-designing impactful activities! Explore the interconnected world of COMMONING.SCIENCE on the ENGAGE.EU official page undar “Academics & Researchers”.