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Call for Applications: ENGAGE.EU Expedition @ Tilburg University

Social and just energy
transition for all

July 10-July 15, 2022
(Sunday to Friday)

Tilburg University,
the Netherlands

Application deadline: June 16, 2022

About the ENGAGE.EU Expedition

The ENGAGE.EU Expedition is a one-week intensive program and learning experience for students to contribute to societal transformation. By engaging in this international co-design program you will contribute to real-life societal transformations. Starting with the idea that you want to create impact during your study and invest in your own development of personal identity and employability, this program offers you formal and informal learning in context, together with the (local) ecosystem of the ENGAGE.EU partners. The collaborative program focuses on creating value for society and uses the framework for inno-preneurship as guiding principle. You will work with other students in teams together with experts and mentors on challenges presented by societal and business partners of the Tilburg University ENGAGE.EU Lab on Climate and Energy Transition. Through design-thinking principles you are guided towards mission oriented solutions and simultaneously work on new skills.

About the challenge

A more sustainable energy system is needed in order to make the transition to a more sustainable way of living and working and to decrease the impact of climate change. Averting the threat of irreversible climate change requires a transition that poses challenges that are not only technological, but also social, economic, financial, legal, political as well as psychological. Citizens lack clear incentives to change their behavior; existing legislation does not match bottom-up initiatives; cooperation between government, business and societal organizations is difficult and coordination is lacking; costs are often borne by others than those that reap the benefits; and the business case for ‘greening’ is not always straightforward. For local governments, the question is how to involve all citizens, businesses and social partners. All of these stakeholders are part of the solution for the main ambitions of municipalities. For the city of Tilburg the overall ambition is to be climate neutral in 2045. To reach this, houses have to be made more energy efficient and have to transition to the use of sustainable sources of energy and heating. Business parks need to be made more sustainable and can search for creative sharing of utilities. Although the municipality offers several incentives its citizens and business to help them to behave in a (more) sustainable manner, the larger part of the population and businesses seems not unwilling to participate, but are occupied with their daily business and so far have not been activated to live and work more sustainable with the available subsidy.

Central issue is: What can be done to motivate citizens and businesses to actively participate in the energy transition?

Expected Impact

For stakeholders: reducing the impact of climate change is a very important topic and one of the most discussed issues in politics and society. Students can be a pioneer and help to explore approaches and different perspectives on how to connect to citizens and (local) businesses. The project will be informed by the needs and contributions of the local communities, involving citizens and other stakeholders. The ideas should lead to a significant increase of involved citizens and business owners, new models for participation, other ways of communication, etc etc.

For students: students, as part of a team, will be able to connect with stakeholders to develop an understanding of the issue, the following challenge, and the capacity of stakeholders to address the challenge and tackle the problem.  Students are able to integrate their knowledge into challenge and develop a  strategy, so as to tackle the issue addressed. In the challenge students move beyond the four walls of the classroom and will involve all of the community-members in their work. Students develop, in addition to specialist knowledge, numerous other skills such as research, cooperation, dealing with uncertainty, solution-oriented thinking, organization and communication.

Target Group

The challenge is open for bachelor students in their last year and for master students. Check ’admission process‘ for details. You should be eager to combine theory with practice and to improve both. You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and learn new skills.


Format of challenge

Groupwork in interdisciplinary and international teams (pressure cooker-bootcamp model). Students should be able to travel to Tilburg from July 10 to July 15, 2022. There are mobility scholarships available for selected students. A social program for participants is being organized in close collaboration with the Tilburg student association ESN.

Additional activities

A social program for participants is being organized in close collaboration with the Tilburg student association ESN. You will have the opportunity to partake in a well-organized social/ cultural program in Tilburg. There will be time to socialize in the evening and explore the city’s nightlife. The ENGAGE.EU Expedition will start by exploring Tilburg’s edgy district Spoorzone which holds the world’s most beautiful building, the Lochal.


Tilburg University does not have residence halls of its own, but collaborates with the centrally located and reasonably priced Hostel Roots. Please note, you will be sharing your room with other students. Price per night €26,50. If you would like to make use of this opportunity, please indicate below. You are not obliged to make use of this hostel, but possible other arrangements need to be made by yourself.


Your Profile

The Expedition ENGAGE.EU Tilburg edition is targeted toward Bachelor students (in their third year) and Master students of any citizenship who are enrolled in an ENGAGE.EU alliance university (University of Mannheim, Luiss University, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Tilburg University, University of National and World Economy, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, Vienna University of Economics and Business). Students from diverse backgrounds (such as business, economics, law, social sciences, humanities) are encouraged to apply, as long as you have a significant interest in the proposed challenge, you want to contribute to societal transformation, you want to gain new skills, and you want to enter an inspiring and pioneering week.


To apply to the ENGAGE.EU Expedition candidates should provide: 

  • A short letter (max. 300 words) explaining your motivation for applying to the ENGAGE.EU Expedition
  • Curriculum vitae (education, work experience, language skills, study/work abroad, other relevant skills and experiences)
  • Academic records (transcript of exams)



Submitted applications are evaluated by the academics and staff working in the ENGAGE.EU Labs.  Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their motivation letter and CV. In order to ensure equal participation among students from the different partner universities, the selection committee will aim at choosing a maximum of four students from each partner university. Final decisions also consider a range of criteria for cohort composition, including but not limited to disciplinary balance, institutional diversity, and demographic diversity.

Additional details

In order to complete your application you will have to fill in the application form below and upload CV, academic records and motivation letter (in Word or PDF format), together with:

Copy of international passport or European identity card – to be uploaded in PDF;

Passport photo in JPG format.

Applications must be submitted by June 16,  2022 at midnight CET (extended deadline). All documents have to be in English, except for those regarding the academic records (which can be in any language of the partner universities).

Results will be communicated by June 20, 2022.

Information on how to apply for scholarships will be shared with the selected students.

For questions please send an email to: