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2023 ENGAGE.EU Online Speed Chess Tournament

For a third year the ENGAGE.EU Online Speed Chess Tournament will take place. It will be on 19 May 2023 online via “lichess” platform. All ENGAGE.EU learners and staff can take part in the tournament.

You can read the official rules below:


1. The Chief Organizer (CO): UNWE Sofia

2. Dates: 19 May 2023, 10:00 CET
The competition will take place online via “lichess” platform. For this purpose all of the participants must register in advance on It is mandatory the “nickname” and the name of the participant to be as alike as possible. Please, send your team composition and nicknames of the players via email to by 12 May.

3. Purpose and tasksTo popularize Chess among ENGAGE.EU students

4. System of play: The international blitz chess tournament will take place according to the swiss system in nine rounds.

5. Time control: three min. plus two sec. increment from move starting from move one.

6. Who can play: ENGAGE.EU. students and staff

7. Scheme of play: Note: If necessary and after consultation with CO, the Chief Arbiter (CA) may make a change in the program. The participants will be notified about the change in advance.

8. Prizes:
First place – Trophy cup
Second place – Trophy cup
Third place – Trophy cup
Certificate – for all of the participants

9. Ranking: The team ranking depends on the best three results of the players of one university. In the event of a tie, the university whose best player has a better place will take advantage in the team ranking. 

For the single ranking the following additional tiebreaks are used to determine a higher priority:

– Direct encounter (the results of the players in the same point group);
– Greater number of victories;
– Buchholz (-1);
– Buchholz;
– Sonneborn-Berger.

10. Arbiter: Chief Arbiter (CA) – FA Ivaylo Stoyanov

11. Anti – Cheating rules: During play all the participants have the obligation to be present on “Microsoft Teams” meeting with Microphone and Camera turned on. All kinds of conversation between the players are forbidden. Proposal for a draw is made only using the “lichess” platform. No proposals for a go back of a move is allowed. All participants must obey the rules of fair play.

Note: The organizers and the Chief Arbiter keep their right to make additional changes to the current rules. The participants will be notified about the change in advance.