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The ENGAGE.EU Bergen meeting set the future goals and perspectives of our European University

NHH Norwegian School of Economics is the host of one of the big in-person meetings within the ENGAGE.EU Alliance. 75 engagers from all 9 partner universities participate in the work sessions aimed mostly towards the future development of our European University.

During the plenary session of the first day the participants were welcomed by Øystein Thøgersen – Rector of the hosting university NHH, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl – the Rector of the coordinating University of Mannheim. Together with the Board of Learners chairman Sandro Mochan and the co-chair Tessa Chambon they envisioned the future opportunities for learners within the alliance.

The project coordinator Prof. Dr. Thomas Fetzer pointed out the main perspectives for ENGAGE.EU going into the second phase of the European Universities initiative. In his words “This is not a project anymore – It is so much more. We are now a union of institutions, and this is the European idea”.

The participants afterwards attended the working sessions regarding learning, research, outreach, and management. The program includes sessions and workshops where the attendees analyse how the Alliance could contribute with its potential to solve social challenges.


Going towards ENGAGE.EU 2.0

ENGAGE.EU has a total of 125000 learners and 14000 staff workers and the plans for the future include the joining of a tenth partner university.

The ENGAGE.EU Vision

Empowering a new generation of European citizens in the areas of business, economics, and social sciences, equipped with a research-based approach to frame and solve future challenges.

Our mission

Through collaborative efforts and comprehensive interdisciplinary approaches drawing from business, economics, and social sciences and other disciplines such as humanities, law, public health and STEAM, we strive to drive innovation, promote sustainability, and, ultimately, have a positive impact on the world.