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Empowering European Research: Highlights from the Cross-Alliances Forum 2023

Many inspiring speeches were delivered last week at the Science with and for Society in European Alliances: Cross-Alliances Forum 2023, taking place in Brussels, showcasing the progress that 37 alliances have made so far, aiming to create the free movement of knowledge. As underscored by Manuel Aleixo (DG RTD, Head of Unit ERA Spreading excellence & Research careers) and March Tachelet (Director of REA) during their speeches delivered to an auditorium of more than 230 guests, European Universities Alliances and the European Commission are doing our best to make Europe the most attractive place for research and to encourage individuals to become researchers.

At the plenary sessions, all speakers agreed that now is the time to influence policymakers, especially in securing adequate funding for the ambitious goals of these Alliances. 11 organizing Alliances pooled their forces to initiate workshops and roundtables with professionals from various fields and all participating alliances. Discussions were focused on HR issues, advancing common science agendas, SwafS projects’ contribution for future developments of the Alliances, inter- and trans-disciplinarity in research management. The emphasis was put on curiosity-driven, responsible, and transparent research, collaboration over competition, and dissemination of findings to society. Pivotal discussions and experience exchange played a crucial role in making informed decisions for the future, promoting impactful, quality-driven projects.

During an interactive poster session, the Alliances showcased their best results, and participants shared their best practices and valuable insights regarding seven transformational modules. All posters are available online and ready to download – Mapping Alliances’ R&I Best Practices | CHARM-EU.

European Commission members Tine Delva (DG EAC, Deputy Head of Unit) and Stijn Delauré (DG RTD, Policy Officer) attended the wrap-up, expressing satisfaction with the growing impact of the Alliances. The Alliances, through their Swafs projects, gained invaluable knowledge. According to Minna Wilkki (Head of the Department C, REA) claimed that ‘European Universities Alliances are on the right path to being pioneers of change.’

Watch the replay of the event: