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ENGAGE.EU Is Looking to Form a Student Circle on Societal Outreach

If you are interested in the rich palette of topics related to university/academia societal outreach, do send us a brief motivation statement at by 11 April. By 14 April we’ll form a Student Circle of seven members (one student per ENGAGE.EU member university) and schedule a series of seven meetings in April, May, and June to discuss:

  • Societal outreach projects within the alliance: Here, we’ll be looking at the results of a very fresh large-scale survey of all ENGAGE.EU member universities
  • Best societal outreach approaches/practices outside the alliance: We’ll discuss and exchange opinions on what other universities are doing
  • Who should learn from whom within the alliance? Are there any external examples that we can follow and adopt?
  • Student standpoint: What’s important in terms of societal outreach? What do our students wish/stand for? What are the drivers and obstacles?
  • Formulation of a societal outreach recommendation framework from a student perspective: how could/should the further development of the ENGAGE.EU’s societal outreach approach look like?

What’s in it for participating students:

  • International exchange and networking with students from strongly positioned universities
  • Certificate describing student engagement and strategic work in an international context
  • Participation in an innovative collaboration format that allows for creative freedom
  • Participation acknowledgement in ENGAGE.EU and local university communications (press releases, features)


  • Meeting point: MS Teams
  • Language: English
  • Type of collaboration: guiding-questions moderation by circle facilitators