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#EngagerTestimonials 1: Dr. Ursula Schlichter, University of Mannheim

It inspires me to exchange views across cultures, to implement ideas together, and to live the European idea.

She is one of two heads of ENGAGE.EU’s office at the University of Mannheim: Dr. Ursula Schlichter.

From the very first idea, she has accompanied the creation of the European University ENGAGE.EU. Now Ursula Schlichter coordinates the activities of the network in the management office. With ENGAGE.EU, she wants to help create an infrastructure that links universities across Europe – with each other and with society. It is particularly important to her that ENGAGE.EU provides people with the relevant skills to cope responsibly with the societal challenges of our time. Ursula Schlichter has previously conducted research within the framework of EU projects and is happy to continue the international cooperation at university level as part of ENGAGE.EU.