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ENGAGE.EU Innopreneurship Literacy and Student Competition

ENGAGE.EU is decisively interested in the symbiosis of innovation and entrepreneurship engaged in service to society at large. Hence, we never separate them from one another and always look at them from under the interdisciplinary umbrella of what we call ‘innopreneurship’.

Following our report on the mindest of innopreneurs, we are now happy to add two futher elements along the same line — this time, closely focused on Europe’s youth at primary and secondary schools:

  • ENGAGE.EU’s innopreneurship literacy concept, that is the ability to generate ideas, recognise and create opportunities, and push them forward by finding appropriate solutions driven by strong personal motivation, openness, and responsibility for a sustainable future.
  • Our very own innopreneurship literacy competition — the ENGAGE.EU Challenge on Societal Change, where participants will have the opportunity to take on a particular social challenge of their choice by looking into its importance and providing an ‘innopreneurial’
    solution in any format they like: prototype presentation, video explainer, and so forth.

Using the findings of our colleagues and the competition design provided by the respetive reports, we are confident that ENGAGE.EU will reach out and establish strong cooperation ties with schools in the home countries of all member universities. We are hopeful and believe that this will set up an unprecedented example of pooling efforts at the levels of primary, secondary, and tertiary education across the Continent.