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Commissioner Iliana Ivanova Visited UNWE Sofia for a Discussion on the Future of European Education

The European Commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education, and youth Iliana Ivanova was a guest at one of the founding ENGAGE.EU members – the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ivanova was warmly welcomed at home soil by the Rector of the University of National and World Economy Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, the vice-rector for International Cooperation Assoc, Prof. Dr. Yanko Hristozov, the ENGAGE.EU institutional coordinator Assoc. Prof. D. Sc. Michael Musov and key representatives from the UNWE management and the Alliance’s local team.

The Commissioner highlighted her main objectives – the European Universities initiative, the common European Degree, and the easy transferable knowledge across countries and universities. She said that the goal is to have 60 active Alliances until the end of this year.

UNWE’s Rector prof. Dimitrov shared that the ENGAGE.EU participation, the internationalisation of the university, student, and staff mobilities, establishment of joint degrees, etc. are among the most important priorities for the University. He thanked the European Commission and Iliana Ivanova, as well as the local government for their full support regarding the ENGAGE.EU activities.

The budget for European Alliances is 1.1 bn euro and according to Ivanova, the stable financing is crucial for these initiatives to continue working as they are key to establishing the common European Degree and that they could be the pioneers for this. She also outlined that this is all voluntary and that the common vision and priorities are the cornerstones for a successful outcome.

The ENGAGE.EU local coordinator Assoc. Prof. Musov added that one of the highest values added of the European University alliances is that they shifted the perception for the future of the European higher education institutions and that they are on the right path to finding the solution for a common degree.