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ENGAGE.EU Innopreneurship Literacy Concept

Following our report on the mindest of innopreneurs, we are now happy to add two futher elements along the same line — closely focused on Europe’s youth at primary and secondary schools: ENGAGE.EU’s innopreneurship literacy concept and our very own innopreneurship literacy competition, the ENGAGE.EU Challenge on Societal Change.

First ENGAGE.EU Annual Conference

ENGAGE.EU’s first annual conference is approaching fast.

The event, which will mark the culmination of the first year of the project, will take place on 20-22 October 2021 and will be kindly hosted by the University of Mannheim.

Green Mobility Report

To help higher education institutions in this regard, and prepare the soil for the full-scale framework to come, we are delighted to share ENGAGE.EU’s Green Mobility Report — an in-depth discussion of the different mobility cultures and practices of all our member institutions.