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ENGAGE.EU Grant Desk‘s First Virtual Expertise Meeting

On February 28, 2023, the first virtual expertise meeting of the ENGAGE.EU grant desk took place. The meeting lasted 1h 45 minutes and gathered 20 participants. The goal of this meeting was to bring together research grant experts from each ENGAGE.EU partner university to share best practices.

This exchange was very productive as it gave a better understanding of how the different teams can strengthen each other individually and as part of the university alliance. The meeting was intended to serve as a starting point for future collaborations such as meetings with a selected group to discuss specific funding/research management topics, ask each other questions, and explore opportunities for, e.g., work visits and job shadowing.

The meeting consisted of 10-minute presentations given by each team that included: an introduction of the university and its funding team, the structure of the team, specializations, services provided to researchers, funding programs/supported grants, and/or approach to European funding programs, and other tasks performed.

At the end, there was a Q&A session on the presentations and a brief discussion on opportunities for collaboration.